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Fomapan 100: 120 Roll Film
Fomapan 100: 120 Roll Film
Product Code: FOM1-120
Brand: Foma
Product Condition: New
Weight for shipping: 30g
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For me, for you, Fomapan!

Product Features:

-Black and White Negative Film for still photography made by Foma
-ISO 100
-120 Format
-Fine Grain Structure
-High Resolution
-Excellent contour sharpness 
-Wide range of half tones
-Wide Exposure Latitude (+1 EV to -2EV)

A versatile and forgiving film. It is capable of handling a wider range of light conditions than its nominal rating of ISO 100 might suggest. It will cope with over or underexposure of +1EV to -2EV, equivalent to film rated ISO 50 to 400 under standard processing (so without altering development time or temperature).
It is a great value film that can yield super results. 

Perfect for easy home processing of your negatives. Coming Soon: Our complete kit for developing your negatives at home.

Technical Data Sheet
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