Buying from us:
We love cameras and photography.
We want you to be happy with your purchases. 
Every single used camera that we sell has been inspected by our Sam and put through our routine light service. Click here for a full description of our service.  Each camera comes with a standard one month guarantee, where we will accept returns
The only exceptions to this are items that we send to a technician for full service, overhaul or repairs. 

Click here for our Condition Guide for more information on how we describe the goods we sell. 

Please be aware that when you buy from us, you are buying from a retailer. This gives you more protection than if you are buying from a private individual, even if you are buying vintage or second-hand goods. 
We are bound by law and our own indefatigable moral compass to provide truthful and accurate descriptions, and you have the legal and moral right to return your item if we fail to do so.
For items purchased on this site, youare also covered by distance sales legislation. 
Your statutory rights 
Check our terms and conditions for more info. 
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Selling to us:

We buy individual cameras and collections. 

We will offer you a fair and considered price. 

Please understand that before we sell our cameras at market value, they are rigorously tested and serviced as required.

How we assess purchasing price of cameras.

 A realistic assessment of the value of your goods will be based on the following:

We first take an estimated maximum retail market value of a perfect example of the same model from which we may deduct a percentage, taking into account the following:

. a test of all functions, electronic and mechanical (aperture, speed, programs, light meter, timer, film advance, counter, lcd screens and electronics, power, , etc)
. condition of lens (check for haze, fungus, scratches, coating, mechanical and cosmetic flaws)
. replacement light seals and mirror damper foam 
. battery compartment free from corrosion
. Depth of cleaning required
. Cosmetic condition after cleaning. 
. Time required to bring it up to standard.
. cost of parts and labour
. Time and effort required to display and describe item for sale.
. Profit margin required to cover our costs and keep our business viable
. All the above will give us an idea of the actual market value of your goods in their present state, which will determine how much we can offer you that will satisfy you whilst allowing us to make a profit after all the work above is completed.

Please note:
There are times when we may be unable to match our own estimate of the value of your goods (I.E. to offer you what we think your goods are worth). In this case, we will inform you of this without hesitation and direct you willingly to one of our esteemed fellow traders or competitors whom we believe may be able to offer you a better deal or more expert valuation. 

Be mindful that online auction sites can be a useful source of information about the value of certain goods, but they can give you a false idea of the value of yours. They only give you an idea of a price range for your item and do not necessarily reflect the value of your goods if they are not of the same quality as yours in its current state.
Cameras may look the same but may be different models with different specifications which may affect value. 

Also be aware that asking prices are not the same as prices realised upon sale. Tick the "sold items" and "ended sales" selections in the search filters of auction sites you are consulting. This will show you what items really sold for and those that didn't sell. 

Please be aware, however, that a camera in "great condition" that has been in a dusty, dank loft for 30 years requires attention like a car that has not been serviced for 30 years.
Also, a camera that looks "in great condition" may be useless while a camera with heavy signs of wear may very well work beautifully.
Please be aware that we test and service every single one of our cameras before putting it up for sale at market value.