Film Washi


Black and White

Medical Fluorographic X-ray Film

 100 iso

120 Roll Film

NEW FOR 2020!

Film "F" is a special medical X-ray film. It is a truly a unique film that offers, being coated without anti-halation layer, a high diffusion effect and beautiful grain. At long last now available in 120 roll film. 

What we think

We think this film will surprise and enchant you. By it's subtlety and by it's dazzling lack of subtlety... It can be a gentle sheen, an amazing sparkle or an intense magic glow, depending on your subject and how the film is exposed. Once you know this film, load a roll of "F" and see if you can resist trying to find the glint that will set it off while you walk about.

Standard processing: Can be processed anywhere that offers B&W film processing.


Film Washi "F" ISO 100 Black and White X-RAY FILM Medium Format, 120

SKU: washif120