Film Washi


Black and White

Sound Recording Film

50 iso

120 Roll Film

Film "S" is a film used by motion picture professionals for sound recording, a use which requires very fine grain and ultra high definition. This sharpness is guaranteed by a special anti-halation layer located between the film's base and the emulsion layer, while it is usually in the back layer for ordinary films.

High contrast- Very Fine Grain

Also available in 35cmm and 620 roll film

Standard processing: Can be processed anywhere that offers B&W film processing. This film can be processed using a standard developing tank spiral. 

We think

This film is a favourite and has become one of our top sellers. Superb for close up detail with lots of depth, edgy urban shots, even dramatic street photography when there's plenty of light. 


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Film Washi "S" ISO 50 Black and White SOUND RECORDING FILM 120 Forma

SKU: washiS120