Product Features:

  • Black and White Negative Film for still photography made by Foma
  • ISO 200
  • 135 format, 35mm
  • 36 or 24 exposures- Please select
  • Low granularity
  • High Resolution
  • High contour sharpness 
  • Panchromatically sensitized
  • Wide range of half tones
  • Wide Exposure Latitude (+1 EV to -2EV)

FOMAPAN 200 Creative is a versatile and forgiving film. It is capable of handling a wider range of light conditions than its nominal rating of ISO 200 might suggest. It will cope with over or underexposure of +1EV to -2EV, equivalent to film rated ISO 100 to 800 under standard processing (so without altering development time or temperature).

Perfect for easy home processing of your negatives.

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Technical Data Sheet
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Fomapan 200 Creative 35mm

PriceFrom £3.50