General description:

Made in the US by Eastman Kodak Company.

Years of production: Sept 1950-Jul 1961.

Film: 620, 6x6cm images, 12 pictures.

Viewfinder: Oversized brilliant, waist-level

Flash: Built-in synchronization

Although originally designed for obsolete 620 film format, the camera works quite well with a modern standard roll of 120 film.

Using a black and white 100 ISO film on a bright sunny day would guarantee the best shots.

No modifications to the spool and no re-pooling of the film are required.

A 120 film spool fits rather nicely in the reserve part of the film chamber. 

However you do need an original 620 spool for the take-up. (Remember to ask the photo lab to return the spool!)

General Condition: 

The camera is in good clean condition.

The taking lens has is clean.

The viewfinder has fungi patches inside.

The shutter works great at all settings.

The outfit is not complete.

There is no corrosion in the flash element. (The flash has not been tested).


What we've done:

We did a good cleaning all round.

We checked all camera's functions: all fine.

We have dissembled the lenses for cleaning.

There are still some tiny marks, relative to the age, but no fungi or haze.

The viewfinder could not be disassembled for cleaning, and still show fungi patches.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model outfit. 610 box camera

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