. Colour negative film for still photography

. ISO 200

. 135 format, 35mm

. 36 exposures

. Great sharpness

 Priced to catch your interest and to welcome you to our website.

We are not snobbish. 

It's not the Rolls Royce of films, but we (also) really enjoy driving a 2CV. Eh! Some say Colorplus has a quality reminiscent of old-school photographs. Just what some of us are looking for. With its sometimes understated colours, it achieves that "vintage look" that so many of our customers are looking for. 

These days, choice of film isn't always chasing the technically perfect photo. Sometimes quite the opposite. 

In fact, most old-school family or holiday photos were not captured on professional grade films. They were taken using film that was made available to the consumer and that most folk could afford. 

We remember and love the look of those old snapshots.  And we still love a bargain.

Kodak Colorplus is a good, consumer film with a lot going for it. 

Aim for movement, lines, low-fi high creativity, colour, the spontaneous joy. 

Check out the Flickr page for this film, or the tags on IG and see what folk are doing with this film. Remarkable! 

Kodak ColorPlus 200 36Exp.