General description:

Made in the US by the Eastman Kodak Company between the years of 1929 and 1932.

Film Type: 116 roll film (twelve 2½” x 4¼″ exposures)

Lens: meniscus Achromatic.
Shutter: Kodo No 1

General Condition: 

The camera is in superb, near mint condition.

There are tiny few chips on the body's frame.

All movements are working smoothly.

The shutter works great at all settings.

The handle's leather strap has a little crack.

The bellow is in great condition too.

The carry case is in beautiful condition.

Please check the photo below to appreciate its beauty.



What we've done:

We did a good cleaning all round.

We checked all camera's movements : all fine.

We have dissembled the lens for cleaning.

There are still some marks, relative to the age, but no fungi or haze.

We have disassembled and cleaned the viewfinder, and is now very bright showing a sharp picture.



A beautiful camera, that will attract any serious Kodak collector.



Kodak No 1A POCKET JUNIOR Brown paint and black bellow. Near Mint condition

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