General description:

Made by the Eastman Kodak Company between the years of 1925 and 1934.

This is the special edition "Made for the boy Scouts Association by Kodak"

It was based on the very popular Vest Pocket Kodak Model B.

Film Type: 127

Shutter: Kodak Instant and T
Rotary Aperture, set by a thumbwheel on the side of the sutter, and numbered 1-4

General Condition: 

The camera is in superb condition, consideing its age (about 100 years old!)

All movements are working smoothly.

There are some small chips on the edges of the enamel body.

The red window has been previously cover with a sticky tape (still some glue is visible)

The shutter works at all settings.

The lenses are nice and clean, without gungi or haze.

The bellow is in great condition too.

The carry case shows its age , and has a loose stitching on one corner.(not a major issue)

Please check all the pictures below to appreciate its beauty.




A beautiful camera, rare in that condition, that will attract any serious Kodak collector.

Kodak vest Pocket BOY SCOUT edition