• Black and white panchromatic film
  • ISO 100
  • Fine Grain
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • 135- 36 exposures

The first offering from this exciting 21st century London brand, and the first of many, we hope. 

You'll find Kosmofoto Mono 100 is more than just the coolest design around. 

Made for Kosmo Foto by one of the oldest and best 20th century film manufacturers, it delivers beautiful, sharp, fine grained images, with gorgeous detail in the shadows. The perfect film for daylight photography outdoor and indoors (with flash, studio or natural lighting). It can be pushed and pulled. We are fans.

All KFM stock is made in small batches so it's as fresh as a morning egg from your favourite hen.  

Kosmo Foto is much more than a new brand. It is one man, an analogue adventure and many super collaborations, a shiny spoke in the wheels that are driving the film revival!




Kosmo Foto Mono 135