General description:


Serial number Body= 192379 Lens= 229947, Production year 1936.

General Condition:

The body is in good condition, considering its age.

There are some pitted mark on the chrome parts, slight corrosion.

The original Vulcanite is in very good condition(there a small rubbing mark at the rear (see last picture)).

There is sign of fungi or haze in the rangefinder viewfinders. 

The rangefinder's alignments seems accurate.

The shutter speeds below 1/ 60th are sluggish.

B works, Z settings stay open too.

Accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Frame counter is ok.

Rewind works as it should.

The curtain looks in good condition without sign of mould.

The lens has some haze and internal dust.

The original leather case is in good condition.


This antique collectable camera is SOLD AS IS, IN NEED OF REPAIR, and is excluded from our Guarantee.

Thank you.

Leica III Ernst Leitz Wetzlar with Summar 50mm 1:2

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