• Produced between 1963-71
  • lens: Lomo T-43
  • focal length: 40 mm
  • apertures: f/4 to f/16
  • focus range: 3 feet to infinity
  • lens fitting: fixed
  • shutter: leaf shutter
  • speeds: 1/15 to 1/250
  • flash: PC connector
  • film size: 35 mm
  • ISO/ASA stetting: 25 to 200

This camera has received our in-house quality control:

  • Full deep cleaning of the body and optical elements.
    • Dust free
    • Lens checked and free of fungus or scratches
  • The viewfinder is nice and bright.
  • All plastic parts have been checked for damage or weakness.
    • Door hinge and door latch sturdy and operational.
    • Light seal groove free of dust and light seals sound.
    • There are few moderate signs of normal wear.
  • We have fully tested the camera with a processed film to check all functions:
    • correct film loading, film advance and  film count.
    • correct film rewind.
    • All shutter speeds seem to be accurate.
    • All functions are running as they should.

 The camera is fitted with its original leather ever-ready case, which is in excellent condition.

Note: this camera is fully automatic and does not need any batteries.

LOMO Cosmic 35 (aka Smena 8) viewfinder 35mm camera