• Made by: LOMO (Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association)
  • Made in the USSR 1990
  • Twin Lens Reflex (TLR), medium format camera.
  • 120 roll film, 12 square exposures, 6x6cm, per roll of film
  • 120roll film, 16 rectangular exposures 6x4.5, with accessory frame mask.
  • Fully mechanical
  • Manual focussing by rotation of lens mounted coupled rings
  • Fixed lens, Triplet 22 75mm f/4.5
  • Shutter: Bulb, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60,-1/30, 1/15
  • Massively popular, low spec, quirky camera giving proper vintage looking results!
  • Accessories included: Shoulder strap, original soft case and lens cap.

The Lubitel 166B, like other cameras from the mighty LOMO company, has become quite the cult classic. Descended from the 1946 Komsomolets ("Communist Youth" in Russian), itself a copy of the 1936 Voigtlander Brilliant, it has legions of fans of all generations, including us, and the LOVE of the LOMO cameras simply keeps growing.

This is down to the fact that, while it looks and feels like a friendly toy and remains a cheap (and cheaply made!) camera, the Lubitel (meaning "amateur" in Russian) offers the ability to control aperture, shutter speed and focus. With its glass Cooke-Triplet lenses, it is capable of beautifully sharp and contrasted photos with the lens stopped down and will give you a gorgeous, vintage looking soft focus at the widest apertures.

This is a perfect introduction to film photography and a quirky entry into medium format, much loved by amateurs (Lubitels, in Russian!) and artists alike.

Rated for operation at -15°C to +45°C!


This camera has received our in-house full Lubitel service:

  • Shutter disassembled, cleaned and re-lubricated.
  • Full deep cleaning of the body and optical elements.
    • Dust free
    • Lens checked and free of fungus or scratches
  • All plastic parts have been checked for damage or weakness
    • Door hinge and door latch sturdy and operational.
    • Light seal groove free of dust and light seals sound.
  • We have run a dummy film in it to check all functions:
    • correct film loading, film advance and film count.
    • correct film rewind.
    • All functions are running as they should.




LOMO LUBITEL 166U UNIVERSAL, Twin Lens Reflex Fully Serviced

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