Condition: Serviced camera in very good general cosmetic condition with minor signs of careful use. The lens is in good condition, without any scratches, fungi or haze.

What we've done:


  • Body deep cleaned.
  • Focusing screen in good condition, showing minor signs of use.
  • Mirror cleaned and in great condition.
  • New light seal fitted.
  • Film advance and exposure counter are accurate.
  • The bellows is in great condition.
  • The focusing movement is very smooth.
  • The original vinyl cover has been replaced in our workshop with a Red Bordeaux real leather, and looks stunning now.

Lens and shutter assembly: Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/3.7, Black, Copal shutter, Shutter speeds B, 1s-1/500s

  • Lens assembly stripped, cleaned, re-lubricated and adjusted.
  • Overall condition: very good.
  • Viewing lens: very good.
  • Taking lens: very good, producing crisp sharp pictures (see attached photo of our own test).

Copal Shutter: Shutter serviced, cleaned and lubricated.

Functions: All tested using a real film fully processed (see attached photo gallery)

 Servicing Mamiya C220


 Actual photos taken with the camera

MAMIYA C220 6x6 TLR with 80mm f:3.7 Sekor lens Fully serviced and with Custom Re

SKU: Serial Number: B109003-27044

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