MAMIYA C33 Professional (1965-1969)


- Medium format TLR, Twin Lens Reflex camera.

- 120 film, 6x6 square format;

- Interchangeable Lens-Shutter assembly: accepts all Mamiya C-series TLR lenses

- LENS-SHUTTER ASSEMBLY: Standard 80mm fast f/2.8 Mamiya Sekor black 

- Auto cocking of the shutter with winding lever.


The C33 Professional is part of the MAMIYA C series of professional level TLR cameras (1956 to 1994) which offers high quality optics, interchangeable lens-shutter assembly, and bellows focusing for extreme close range photography.


The interchangeable lens-shutter assembly system offers two major advantages over most standard TLRs: 

-The shutter is part of this assembly and is therefore completely separate from the camera. This means a faulty shutter, the weakest part of a camera, can easily be dealt with by swapping the lens, allowing you to continue working on your project without disruption. The faulty lens/shutter assembly can then be sent for repair,  while you keep on using the camera with other lenses.

- The same TLR camera can be used for studio portraits or fashion photography, and wide angle photography, say for wedding or corporate group shots. 

Professionaly serviced and film tested.


Condition: Serviced camera in good general cosmetic condition with minor signs of careful use. 

What we've done:


  • Body stripped down and deep cleaned.
  • Focusing screen in good condition, showing minor signs of use.
  • Mirror cleaned and in great condition.
  • New light seal fitted.
  • Film advance and exposure counter are accurate.
  • The bellows is in great condition.
  • The focusing movement is very smooth.

Lens and shutter assembly: Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/2.8,Copal shutter, Shutter speeds B, 1s-1/500s

  • Lens assembly stripped, cleaned, re-lubricated and adjusted.
  • Overall condition: very good.
  • Viewing lens:  good. with some cleaning scratches.
  • Taking lens: very good, producing crisp sharp pictures (see attached photo of our own test).

Copal Shutter: Shutter serviced, cleaned and lubricated.

Functions: All tested using a real film fully processed (see attached photo gallery)



MAMIYA C33 6x6 TLR with 80mm f:2.8 Sekor lens.

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