Introduced in 1959, this camera was the smallest 35mm of its time.

The lens is a fix focusing D Zuiko f/3.5 (4 element) with a focal length of 28mm.

It does produce18x24mm  images' size,  half  of a standard 35mm 34x36mm, as a Half-frame camera, it will double up the number of exposures of any film, so giving you a maximum of  72 pictures on a 36 exposures film roll.

The lens being a super-sharp 4 elements Tessar type, the camera will not compromise on the definition of the image.


The PEN is a full manual camera. There is no metering or rangefinder system.


  • Lens: D.Zuiko 28mm 1:3.5
  • Focus:  Fixed
  • Metering:  N/A
  • Exposure : Full Manual
  • Aperture : f/3.5-22
  • Shutter:  B 1/25 1/50 1/100 1/200
  • Frame size : 24x18mm
  • ISO range: N/A

Condition: In Beautifully working condition after a full service, this classic little camera is ready to give much joy to a new owner.

Still there is some paint loss , mainly on the edges of the back door, and a little ding on the baseplate.

Service: This camera has received a full professional service.

Fully stripped down, it has had all old internal foam removed, cables and connections checked, new light seals fitted correctly, shutter dismantled and serviced, flash connectors checked. Full clean, all functions tested.

Fully tested with a film Fomapan 200. Click here to appreciate the results.

Instruction Manual available from Mike Butkus website, please click here.


Olympus PEN Original 1959 Half-Frame compact camera.

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