The lens cap on a Trip 35 is very important. Not only it protects the front lens from damage when not in use, but also  it prevents the front selenium cell to constantly drain energy from the light, resulting in the loss in its capacity to change light energy into electrical energy. Selenium cells can give up their reactivity over time. The original lens cap was a clip-on style plastic cover, and had the bad habit to be lost. 

This very clever kit will replace the original lens cap, and will give you access to the wide range of 46 mm filters available.

The full kit consists of 3 elements :

  • step up ring adapter 43.5 mm to 46 mm.
  • 46 mm lens cap.
  • 46 mm UV filter.

You may choose the adapter + the lens cap only, if you do not wish to have the UV filter. If you just require a lens cap, check out the Lens Cap for Olympus Trip 35

Because the adapter's size is one step up close to the original 43.5 mm:

  • it is not intrusive and the camera looks great cosmetically.
  • there is no visible vignetting effect in the corners.

Camera not included.


Olympus Trip 35 , 35 RC Filter Adapter System 43.5mm step up to 46mm UV filter a

PriceFrom £5.00