• Introduced in 1995
  • 38-70mm Wideangle Zoom Compact Camera
  • Built-in flash

This camera has received our in-house quality control:

  • Full deep cleaning of the body and optical elements.
    • Dust free
    • Lens checked and free of fungus or scratches
  • All plastic parts have been checked for damage or weakness
    • Door hinge and door latch sturdy and operational.
    • Light seal groove free of dust and light seals sound.
  • We have run a dummy film in it to check all functions:
    • correct film loading, film advance and  film count.
    • correct film rewind.
    • All functions are running as they should.


  •   included.
  • this camera uses standard One 3V CR2 lithium battery. 

Recommended film: 

  • 35mm, DX coded film .

  • For general photography use ISO 400 film.


Pentax ESPIO 738 Black 35mm Compact Point and shoot

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