General description:

Years of production: April 1954 - September 1956
Serials number : 1498606
Taking Lens: Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 3,5/75, serial number: 1488052, type Bayonet I.
Finder lens: Heidoscop Anastigmat 2,8/75mm, Bayonet I, serial 2025176
Shutter: Compur - Rapid, 1 - 1/500 sec., T & B, self timer. M X flash sync.
Film: 6x6: B II 8 (120)
Film Transportation: winding lever with auto stop, no red window, film pressure plate with black colour coating. Lever also cocks the shutter. Double exposure prevention.

Dimensions: 14.3x9.0x9.5cm
Weight: 980 grams.
This model has a hinged dual format back with exposure guide. The special feature is a new EV related exposure scale. The EV coupling can be disengaged by pressing a button in the aperture wheel. 

Included are the following accessories:

  • Original leather ever-ready case, with some wear related to the age and will need re-stitching.
  • Original Sun-hood, with its leather case.
  • Original Bayonet I Yellow filter, in its leather case.

General Condition: 

The body is in very good condition, with minor signs of previous use.

The leatherette covering is in good condition. The front covering has been newly fitted (the design and the texture is slightly different from the original parts).

The focussing glass in good condition. The focusing hood works great as it should.

Both  lenses have no obvious cleaning scratches on front element. No fungi, haze or separation for what we can see, still some tiny  marks commensurate with the age.

The Synchro-compur shutter works very well at all speeds, even at slow speed (accuracy can't be guaranteed).

The self timer is operational, as is the flash connection.



What we've done:

We did a good cleaning all round.

The front and the optical elements have been disassembled and cleaned up.

The right panel has been opened to assess the cranking system which has been cleaned up, lubricated and tested.


We fully checked the camera and all movements are  fine.

We have fully tested the camera with a film, please see scanned pictures below.


Rolleiflex Automat K4B 3.5 B MX-EVS & Tessar 3.5 75mm