A professionally serviced Yashica MAT.

Early model, produced circa 1957, with a low serial number: 73507.

With gold insert in the logo and with gold trim on the control wheels. 

The lens Lumaxar was a 4 element Tessar type formula, that Yashica renamed Yashinon in 1958.



  • an original branded plastic lens cap.
  • a new strap.
  • the original manual, edition 1957-1961 (the cover page is torn but no pages are missing).
  • a vintage shutter release cable and adaptor (made in Japan).


Fully serviced in our workshop:

  • Front lenses and viewfinder have been disassembled and cleaned. 
  • There was no presence of haze or fungi on both lenses.
  • The shutter has been serviced (disassembled, cleaned, and re-lubricated) and is very snappy at all speeds. 
  • The flash synchro has been tested and is working as it should.
  • There are some cleaning marks on taking lense.  Despite that, the taking lens is still capable of producing very sharp images. ( please check the attached pictures from our test film).
  • The distance has been adjusted. 
  • There are some aging spots in the viewfinder's glass. This will not alter the quality of the pictures.
  • The self-timer was missing, and has not been replaced. Instead we have included a shutter cable release and adaptor, to allow the photographer to shoot at slow speeds.
  • The leather coverings of the front and side panels have been ripped apart during the repair process and have been replaced with new laser cuts, with a design very similar to the original. 

We have fully tested the camera with a film Fomapan 200. It does work wonderfully well, producing very sharp and bright pictures (pictures attached).

Yashica mat. Lumaxar 80mm.

SKU: SN:73507